We are an online company based out of Vancouver, Canada that offers a wide range of high quality Phone Cases, Mobile Accessories & Gadgets. 

We started making products because we wanted to make something a little different; something that represented us. For those nights when we partied all night but still woke up and hit the gym in the morning. For when we showed up with our hair a little messy, but still looked flawless.  We believe that your phone case should be an extension of you – not weird but unique, not flawed but beautiful

We started Phone Plex to make something different in our own way.  Our core values reflects that personality. They define the way we work and the service we provide to our consumers

Customer Satisfaction

  • We subject all our products to a rigorous testing & screening procedure to ensure top notch quality and customer satisfaction, and we employ policies such as Hassle Free Returns, Customer Satisfaction Guarantees, and more

Environmental Responsibility

  • We donate a portion of our proceeds to environmental charities and NGOs such as GreenPeace and The Nature Conservatory to give back to the earth
  • We ensure all materials required for the manufacture of our products are sourced responsibly

Ethical Production

  • We ensure that all our workers are paid fair wages and all respective work is compensated for properly